About Me

Now, fast forward to today and our family couldn’t love the Delta more!  We enjoy the seasonal migratory birds, otters, sea lions and a whale or two!  We love the buzz of the summer when our “Summer Boaters” return and the quite winters that bring out the “Fisherman.”

The California Delta is a true gem to be preserved so it can continue to offer something for generations to come.  One can find peace from the city with just a stoplight or two, and a slower pace of life.  Take me up on the offer to come enjoy the Delta Life!

There is something for everyone in the California Delta!  The Delta is home to Riverfront Homes, Cottages, Farm or Ranches, Senior Living, Single Family Homes, Park Living and much more. Rio Vista, Isleton, Walnut Grove, Courtland, Clarksburg, Antioch, Oakley! You will find the widest variety of homes & land!

Come find out what the California Delta is all about, with over 1000 miles of waterways to navigate!  Click on Real Estate Services button for more information on what I can do for you, besides listing and selling property.